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Offshore Europe, UK, 2017

  Ham-Let Group at Offshore Europe 2017

Check us out at booth 1F48 from September 5th to 8th.



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Ham-Let Group will be featuring an extensive line of products suitable for use in the industry.



Ham- Let Group in the Oil & Gas Industry


From exploration to refining, and everything in between the Oil & Gas Industry requires high quality flow control components.

At Ham-Let Group we provide a variety of fittings, valves, hoses and pressure gauges used across the board. 


Sample of products that Ham-Let Group will be featuring:

The LET-LOK range of compression tube fittings was developed to provide the market high performance. 
The fittings are suitable for use in pressure up to 12,000Psi (depending on OD size).
Ham-Let High Pressure 
The new HHP products support the industry standard elevated pressures gas and liquid systems with a wide range of working pressures up to 150,000 psi.


When reliability, corrosion resistance, vibration, temperature cycles, and pressure surges are of the utmost importance Ham-Let Group is a name you can trust.

Offshore rigs, refinery plants, and gas handling systems are all highly sensitive.


Ham-Let Group, along with our production subsidiaries: Astava, Norvalves, Cambridge Fluid Systems, and Xinghe, produce quality products, optimal for use in the industry.




Designing and manufacturing instrumentation valves for the Oil & Gas industry since its founding in 1956. 

Astava supplies the industry with enclosure solutions, fittings, valves and manifolds.


Enclosures Solutions


  • Astava creates complete enclosure solutions based upon customer specifications, including 3D design. 

  • As well glass reinforced polyester as AISI 316 materials are applied.

  • Products applied inside are Astava original manufactured products such as: valves, manifolds, flanges, fittings/connectors, accessories, heaters.

  • Purchased components inside include: junction boxes, measuring devices (LT/FT/DPT/PG/PT), Tubing






  • Astava designs and manufactures fully mechanical interlocking systems including housing, heating, and temperature safeguarding based on the customer’s specification.






  • Instrument Manifolds that are available in a full range of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-way variteies.

  • Fully compatible with the requirements of the Oil & Gas and Petro-chemical industries.

  • Meet the requirements of most pressure, differential level and flow applications.


For questions or inquiries contact



Norvalves is an innovative fast-track valve manufacturer, supplying the Oil and Gas industry since 1929. Norvalves’ engineers are experiences in designing equipment that lasts the tough challenges in the North Sea.




  • Norvalves designs and manufactures a wide range of valves and connectors for the challenging subsea industry.






  • All topside valves are designed and manufactured in-house with high precision and short lead time according to international standards such as; ANSI, API, EN, and others.





  • A Chinese company, Xinghe has been supplying China’s Oil & Gas Industry for years.

  • Xinghe offers a wide variety of solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry in China.



  • Cambridge Fluid Systems (CFS) is a full-service provider of sophisticated, fabricated [ultra-pure] fluid control systems in the Oil & Gas Industry.

  • CFS works as an Original Equipment Manufacturer for repeatable fabrication of gas control and distribution systems.

  • CFS provides one-off fabrication of unique systems for projects in various industries. This includes fab gas distribution infrastructure and tool hook-up services.



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