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Innovation Lab at Ham-Let group

Ham-Let Group awarded technology incubator grant from Israel Innovation Authority 

Ham-Let Group, a developer and manufacturer of fittings and valves for a variety of segments and uses in the process and ultra-clean industries, announced that they have been chosen as one of five companies to operate a laboratory of technological innovation on behalf of the Israel Innovation Authority. The lab established in Ham-Let will focus on technologies in the field of intelligent process industry – IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Israel Innovation Authority initiative to encourage innovation 
The purpose of establishing the labs is to encourage industrial corporations, especially those involved in advanced production, to take part in cooperative ventures with technological entrepreneurs as a lever for growth and the building of a future strategy. The project is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority. The laboratories that will be established will serve as a structured platform for cooperation between industrial corporations and start-up companies in a variety of fields such as: automotive, robotics, 3D printing, and more. 
Ham-Let Group opens its facilities for Start up companies

Ham-Let Group, one of five companies selected, will receive a three-year concession to operate a laboratory for innovation, during which the Israel Innovation Authority will participate in financing the construction of a technological infrastructure of up to NIS 4 million, assuming that four startup companies are admitted to the lab, and shared operations of up to NIS 500,000 a year or 50% of total recognized expenses, whichever is lower.


The start-up companies that will be absorbed in the lab will receive financing at a rate of participation of 85% of the total recognized expenses and up to NIS 1 million, whichever is lower, to finance a project for a period of up to 12 months.

Ham-Let Group has one of the most advanced production plants in Israel, with extensive investment in unique infrastructure and technology, making it fertile ground for entrepreneurs in the field of smart industry to examine new technologies and distribute them worldwide.
The unique equipment to be used by the start-up companies that will be absorbed in the Ham-Lat Group includes metalworking machines, robotics, electro-polishing systems and advanced coatings, welds and orbitals, a wide range of unique machines, ultra-clean rooms for manufacturing and development laboratories.
Ham-Let’s technological laboratory intends to absorb a large number of projects in a wide range of fields. Each project will be evaluated in accordance with the laboratory's ability to assist it and in accordance with its relevance to the interests of Ham-Let Group.

The technological laboratory established by Ham-Let is supported by a specific ecosystem for technology companies with partners, including academic institutions, business centers, and investment bodies. This is an addition to the subsidiaries of FIMI and the industrial companies with whom Ham-Let operates on a regular basis, which includes hundreds of local manufacturers and international customers.

Innovation - as a Ham-Let Group Growth Engine

Amir Widmann, Ham-Let Group CEO said: “We’re proud to be chosen and excited to open our facilities to Start-up companies and entrepreneurs that focus on Smart industry projects. Ham-Let supports many industries, which gives us an opportunity to test innovative products and offer them to our customers from various industries.

“Ham-Let sees this project as an opportunity to incorporate smart and innovative technologies, expanding a variety of products, differentiating Ham-Let and expanding our market share. This is a part of Ham-Let’s growth strategy.” 

“The ‘Innovation Lab’ is an implementation of Ham-Let Group strategical decision that defines an innovation as a growth engine. With the help of the iIOT and the Lab’s developments, Ham-Let Group will implement advanced technologies, making the processes more efficient and even make investments.”


For more information, please contact Agmon David Porat, Strategic Business Developement Manager in Ham-Let Group:



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