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Gas Industries

10 Types of Innovation, with Agmon Porat,  Strategic Business Developement



October 03, 2017


Innovation is a key part of every business. 
The Ten Types of Innovation Framework was discovered in 1998 in an effort to find a common trend in 2000 examples of the best innovations.


Gas Industries

Integrating Artificial intellegence into heart of flow systems, with John Lee, Business Development


September 07, 2017


In the age of Industry 4.0, data has become increasingly valuable, and companies throughout industries are now developing innovative ways to capture data more efficiently and accurately.


Gas Industries

LET-LOK® fittings installation guidlines, with Gil Dikman, Senior Product Manager



September 03, 2017


Ham-Let LET-LOK® fittings are the high-quality solution for various installations.

To maximize their performance, we provide customers with full time support and assistance.

Gas Industries

Norvalves activity review, with Paul Charles Redfern, Norvalves CEO 


August 10, 2017


Located in Norway, at the rim of the North Sea, with a strategic view of the Oil & Gas business, acquiring Norvalves has helped Ham-Let Group to expand our product line to the Offshore industries.

Gas Industries

Natural Gas Vehicles industry with Boris Margol, R&D Manager


August 6, 2017


A key player in the Natural Gas Vehicles Industry (NGV), Ham-Let Group recognizes the importance of environmentally friendly alternatives.

Gas Industries

Ham Let Group innovation with Felix Shestatski, VP Engineering and R&D


July 31, 2017


When a customer comes to us with unique requirements we are able to provide tailored solutions fitting their exact needs. In fact, our Engineering and R&D division are constantly motivated by it to develop innovative solutions.

Gas Industries

Quality at Ham-Let Group with VP of Quality Assurance Hagay Sessler


July 20, 2017


For over six decades Ham-Let group has cultivated an attitude focusing on top quality standards. Ham-Let group supports various industries, such as Oil & Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, and Semiconductor. Each industry has its own standards, their own certifications, and their own quality requirements. When working with such a variety of industries you must provide a quality product that meets all the standards.


Série de atuadores pneumáticos

Engenheiros, designers e fabricantes que lidam com design em fluxo e engenharia de válvulas têm em sua maioria uma necessidade essencial de entender os aspectos e os processos de usar um produto em especial.
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