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1.    HAM-LETdesign, manufacture and sell components that evolve to systems that become solutions for the semi and process industries. Ham-Let has been active for over 60 years in the manufacturing and the marketing of quality components for connecting, operating, controlling and sealing of gas and liquid transporting systems for use in industrial facilities.

The Company's products are distributed worldwide.


2.   The Company's objective is to manufacture quality products at high levels of reliability and uniformity, according to market demands, and to conform to international competition. The company intends to continue its growth process by continuing to develop advanced solutions and products according to the customers needs and for their benefits.


3.   In order to supply our customers with high quality reliable products, that will meet their demands, the Company is maintaining a comprehensive system of Quality process which was implemented according to ISO 9001/2015.

The system includes all the activities of the Company and conforms to the requirements demanded by the Supplier Class B, PED and TPED demands of the European Community.  Meticulous procedures, shaped and established by joined working, learning and training of the Company's management and workers, have been initiated from the early stage of Material Acceptance up to the Delivery of the Complete Product. Special emphasis has been accredited to the "Feedback" of the testing results and their immediate implementation in the manufacturing process so that the goal of "creating product quality in each stage and process" is achieved.


Ham-Let’s ultimate goal is to give its customers the best service and insure the customer's satisfaction. Ham-Let is focused on receiving customer's feedback, comments and advises in order to create continuous improvement. In order to achieve these goals, the company is meticulously implementing its Quality Culture on modern tools. Continuous improvement is done in company’s processes, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization.


The company's management will verify that this document is known to, and understood by, all company workers.



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