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OTC 2014 Houston,TX

HAM-LET to Exhibit New Flexible Hose Product Line at OTC 2014 in Houston, TX

Houston, TX, May 5, 2014

HAM-LET, a world leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation valves and compression fittings, is pleased to exhibit its new line of flexible hoses at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas (booth no. 11707). In addition to the new hose line, HAM-LET will showcase its complete line-up of process valves, compression fittings, manifolds and pressure gauges.

HAM-LET’s new flexible hose line includes five series of all stainless steel hose assemblies and three series of PTFE core stainless steel braided hose assemblies. These high specification hoses are typically used in industrial, process and instrumentation applications and systems. HAM-LET’s hoses range in size from ¼” up to 2” I.D. and can handle working pressures up to 6,000psi (413bar).

All HAM-LET hose assemblies are fitted with HAM-LET’s high quality fittings, providing maximum usability and full compliance with the highest safety levels.

Eran Pintel, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for HAM-LET, said, “Our new, expanded, flexible hose line will be well received by those working in demanding environments, who require the very best performance. Offshore conditions are, by definition, extreme and the best possible components are required. That is where our high specification hoses are particularly suited. They can handle the extreme conditions and are easy to install and to maintain. Additionally, when it comes to harsh environmental conditions, HAM-LET can tailor the right solution, such as Alloy 276 hoses, per our customers' needs".

HAM-LET metal hoses are top-quality all stainless steel, factory welded and tested assemblies that are manufactured to meet industry demands and government regulations. They are particularly suited for applications in chemical, process, oil & gas, power generation, gases and semiconductor manufacturing and machinery industries.

HAM-LET metal hose assemblies are constructed from high quality materials and components and the most advanced corrugating and welding technologies are used to ensure leak free durable performance.

PTFE stainless steel braided hose is an ideal solution for permanent or temporary connections of gas or liquid lines. It makes fabrication easier, and it facilitates connection/disconnection and cleaning. Variable length, high flexibility, high pressures and broad chemical compatibility are among the features that make this hose the preferred solution for many applications.

HAM-LET PTFE hoses are available in smooth, convoluted or conductive carbon lined core with stainless-steel braid or silicon covered stainless-steel braided.

About HAM-LET Group

HAM-LET Group, founded in 1950, manufactures instrumentation fittings and valves for process and high purity industries worldwide. Supporting customers through a network of distribution and branch offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, HAM-LET offers a wide range of standard and customized instrumentation solutions. In 2012 HAM-LET won an innovation award for its Metering Ball Valve which offers more efficient flow control, eliminating the need for multiple shut-off and metering devices while reducing maintenance costs and leaks.

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Ms. Hadas Weizman Spiralis Marketing & Communications +44(0)203-355-5558



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