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Ham-Let's MBV Series Wins Innovation Award from Flow Control Magazine

Sugar Land, Texas, October 15, 2012

Ham-Let, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation valves and compression fittings announced that they have received a prestigious 2012 Innovation Award by Flow Control Magazine. The award was given to Ham-Let's unique MBV Series Metering Ball Valve, which combines the functionality of a ball valve (shut-off control) and needle valve (fine metering) in one compact package.

The Flow Control article praises the new MBV Series for facilitating a more efficient flow control scheme, eliminating the need for multiple shut-off and metering devices in series. In removing the need for additional tubing segments and connections, the product reduces the risk of leak points and associated labor and troubleshooting costs whilst lowering the system weight.

Recently, Ham-Let supplied the MBV Series valves to Vinci Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of pilot plants for the Oil & Gas industry. The company was pursuing an improved method of pressure control for their catalyst testing units to achieve high reliability at a cost effective price.

Vinci Technologies president Mr. Renaud Presberg explains, "In our Catalyst Testing Unit the main challenge is to achieve the most cost-effective design and to assure reliable operation. With Ham-Let's Metering Ball Valves we achieved both. The unique combination unit helped us to improve our design by reducing overall skid size and eliminating dead volume in the Catalyst Testing Unit system. Additional benefits are reduced installation labor time and costs as well as more efficient operation for our customers."

The MBV series is rated to 2,000 PSIG (138bar) and 300°F (149°C). Various end connections are available (male and female taper threaded, Let-Lok double ferrule compression, and HTC face seal) in sizes ranging from 1/16 inch to 3/8 inch.

“We have a long relationship and performance record with these major Chinese Customers and, as they are expanding their oil and gas operations as well as their refineries and petrochemical operations, we are in a strong position to respond to any emerging need or requirement. We emphasize short supply lead time and excellent customer service,” said Mr. Qu Chen, CEO of Shanghai Wilson.

About HAM-LET Group

Founded in 1950, HAM-LET manufactures instrumentation valves, fittings, measurement devices and accessories for fluid and gas delivery systems in the process and semiconductor industries worldwide. Supporting customers through a distribution network and branch offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia, HAM-LET offers a wide range of standard and customized instrumentation solutions.

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About Vinci Technologies

Vinci Technologies provides a broad range of laboratory equipment and field instrumentation for the Oil and Gas Industry as well as Pilot plants for catalyst evaluation and R&D in the refining and petrochemical industry. Vinci conducts business globally through agents and distributors including US subsidiary, Xytel


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