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Metering Ball Valve (MBV)

HAM-LET introduces the Innovation Award Winning - Metering Ball Valve (MBV)

Munich, Germany | March 4th, 2014

HAM-LET's metering ball valve (MBV) incorporates both metering and shut-off functions in one unit, has been patented in the US and won HAM-LET recognition for its innovative technology.

The MBV series valve combines an accurate micro-meter control mechanism for gases and liquids with a sealing mechanism in a single unit. It is easy to install and does not require multiple connectors and pipelines. It is reliable and easy to operate and can drastically reduce the length of the line in the system.



The MBV series is a single unit which replaces the two separate valves previously required, thus decreasing installation and maintenance costs while reducing the risk of faults. Flow Magazine’s 2012 winner of innovation award, the MBV was awarded US Patent USPTO 8590569. Patents have been applied for other markets as well.

Developed by HAM-LET's Research and Development department, the MBV series is winning market share as it is proving to be more robust, and so more economic than existing systems.

“The MBV Series delivers industry’s highest degree of accurate metering flow for moderate pressure applications,” said HAM-LET's VP Engineering and R&D, Mr. Felix Shestatsky. “It features an innovative and unique shut-off capability which allows full control of the process, from extra fine regulation to a complete valve shut-off”, he said.

With the choice of three precision stem tapers enabling metering at flow capacities as low as Cv=0.0001 with up to 11 handle turns, the MBV series meets the demand for highly precise flow control. The MBV offers five different O-ring materials providing the best temperature and chemical coverage, making it ideal for analytical instrumentation industries.

“The technology used in previous micro-meter valves is based on an extremely delicate needle that is easily broken and cannot guarantee that the value is completely sealed,” said Mr. Shestatsky. “In order to hermetically seal a system, the system engineer would have to add a second valve - most commonly a ball valve - to detach and seal the line. This entailed many disadvantages including extra costs, complicated installation, additional pipelines, multiple potential leakage points and more.”

About HAM-LET Group

Founded in 1950, HAM-LET manufactures instrumentation valves, fittings, measurement devices and accessories for fluid and gas delivery systems in the process and semiconductor industries worldwide. Supporting customers through a distribution network and branch offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia, HAM-LET offers a wide range of standard and customized instrumentation solutions.

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Ms. Hadas Weizman Spiralis Marketing & Communications +44(0)203-355-5558


Ms. Ravid Shineberg, Marketing Manager at HAM-LET


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