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IOT Smart Valves

HAM-LET proudly introduces IOT Smart Valves on 2019 Hannover Messe Innovation Expo

Hannover, Germany – May 30th, 2019

Ham-Let marks another important success in the 2019 Hannover Messe Innovation Expo, increasing worldwide recognition of Ham-Let as a technology and innovation leading company in the field of IoT for flow control solutions.

The Hannover Messe Industry 4.0 exhibition provided its visitors a comprehensive look at application scenarios, the potential and the interaction of Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, 5G, and energy solutions.


Ham-Let proudly presented the smart valves IoT solutions together with our technology partners Siemens, Amazon, Feelit, exhibited at the same line with top leading global companies, such as: Festo, Deloitte, Bosch, Voith, Phoenix Contact and more.


“Feelit team was excited to partner with Ham-Let and Siemens to showcase RetroFeel, Feelit’s ground breaking nanotechnology sensing solution that transforms assets into connected smart assets. RetroFeel performs precise and non-intrusive condition monitoring of industrial assets, adding value by optimizing their maintenance and performance”said Dr. Gady Konvalina, CEO of Feelit.


“Ham-Let continues to innovate and create important Industrial Internet of Things solutions for their customers,”said Steve Bashada, executive vice president of Siemens Cloud Application Services. “At Hannover Messe 2019, Ham-Let and Siemens demonstrated new end-to-end solutions for monitoring and predicting the behavior of industrial valves using the latest machine learning and analytics technologies available today. The integration of these technologies combined with

MindSphere®, the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens and Siemens’ hardware can provide customers with a high level of functionality and integration.”


Facts and benefits of Ham-Let's IoT solutions:  

  1. Ham-Let was the only firm to exhibit Smart Valve IoT solutions at Hannover
  2. Ham-Let is the first company worldwide to present a smart Semiconductor Ultra-Clean Valve (UCV) with real-time diaphragm health indication!
  3. Feelit’s innovative nanotechnology sensing solution, RetroFeel, was used to provide ultra-sensitive indication of the UCV health based on RetroFeel V1000 structural sensing algorithms.
  4. Ham-Let's IoT H800L enables the customer to make quick decisions at the edge preventing Safety hazards, which can also be automated
  5. Ham-Let's vast experience in valve design, enables it to exactly intimately track the valve’s health by monitoring the valve’s critical parts (i.e. Diaphragm), as well as critical process indicators such as response time, dosing and volumetric consistency monitoring
  6. The smart valves IoT solutions are based on machine learning done at the cloud. A simple neural network implemented at the edge, enables anomalies detection based on the various sensors deployed in Ham-Let’s valves
  7. Ham-Let’s IoT solutions utilize standard protocols allowing seamless transitions between different configurations, such as Siemens PLC working in parallel to an IPC Gateway


Ham-Let’s IoT solutions attracted many visitors and made a significant impact at Amazon and Siemens booths, being the most mature Industrial IoT valve today.

Amir Wideman, Ham-Let CEO, have summarized the event: "Ham-Let is proud to be a market leader in the IoT industry, innovation is our leading driver towards industry 4.0 implementation. Ham-Let's development efforts sprouts to products with outstanding value to our customers using cutting edge technology".


Note: A list of relevant Siemens trademarks can be found here.


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