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Ham-Let One-Lok® Single Ferrule fittings series


We’re pleased to present you the New Product Announcement (NPA) for the Ham-Let One-Lok® fittings series.
One-Lok® (Single Ferrule) fittings are now available in two new sizes:
• 3mm
• 4mm – unique to Ham-Let Group
These new sizes are in addition to the wide range of the One-Lok® fittings from 1/16’’ up to 1’’, 
including all configuration, same as the Let-Lok® fittings.

Main features:

  • The formal NPA is attached (in PDF form)
  • The Initial stock is presented in the system and ready for shipment

Unique characteristics




We’re pleased to present you with the New Product Announcement (NPA) for the High performance H6800 Ball valve – Now available for CNG applications.
The H6800 CNG series is an additional option to the current H6800 series, developed to meet the severe requirements of the Natural Gas Vehicles segment as well as bi directional flow applications where tight shutoff required for both low and high pressure fluctuations. The valves offer a tight shutoff, long-life service and low operating torque.

Main features:
  • Maximum allowable working pressure: up to 3770psi (260 bar)
  • Maximum allowable working temperature: up to 120°C (248° F)
  • Panel mounting as standard
  • Spring loaded PEEK seats
  • Fluorocarbon FKM O-ring

  • The formal NPA is attached (in PDF form)
  • Comparison table with our main competitors is attached
  • Prices are loaded to the GAL System for the opened items
  • The Initial stock is presented in the system and ready for shipment
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Ultra Fast diaphragm Valves

Ultra-high purity diaphragm valves for atomic layer deposition and fast switching applications

The unique flow adjustment mechanism
Patent pending No.US61/910,079, allows an exceptional flow tuning during operation.

High temperature endurance
The optional extended bonnet and cooling fin provide superb solution for proper and repeatable performance under high temperature applications.

High life cycle reliability
With over 100 million life cycles*, the UF series valve keep provides superior sealing performance and remarkable durability for hazardous environment, under severe repeatability demands of ultra high purity applications.
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The HAM-LET Metal Hoses are top quality all stainless steel factory welded assemblies that are manufactured and tested to meet industry demands and regulation for chemical, process, Oil and Gas, Power generation, Pumps and Vacuum, instrumentation, gases and semiconductors manufacturing and machinery.
The HAM-LET Metal Hose assemblies are constructed from only best materials and components and by the most advanced corrugating and welding technologies for leak free durable performances.
HAM-LET Metal Hoses are the best solution for flexible connection of Gas & Liquid lines where vibrating, moving parts and installations involve high temperatures, chemicals and aggressive media, high pressures and full vacuum.
PTFE stainless steel braided hose is an ideal solution for permanent or temporary connections of gases or liquid line. It makes fabrication easier, and it facilitates connect/disconnect and cleaning. Variable length, high flexibility, high pressures and broad chemical compatibility are among the features that make this hose the preferred solution for many applications.
HAM-LET PTFE hoses are available in smooth, convoluted or conductive carbon lined core with stainless-steel braid or silicon covered stainless-steel braided.

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The Industrial Mechanical Pressure gauges are measuring devices constructed from only high quality materials, by the highest quality standards and methods. The IMP gauge guarantee long life with durability for in-door and out-door industrial, process and instrumentation applications.
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Manifold valves are designed to enable an easy way to connect and disconnect instrumentation to-from a process line. It is the time to introduce you to the Ham-Let Astava extended product line, the extended line of products includes gauge valves, multiport valves, plugs, bleed valves, mounting kits and seal kits. The extended product line supports you in the Oil&Gas market, Chemical/Petrochemical and analyzing fields, anywhere where Pressure measurements are required. The extended range of products is offered to the market for years already by Astava and includes the technical experience and high quality manufacturing.
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HAM-LET Pneumatic Actuators

In most simple terms, a pneumatic actuator is a device that transforms air pressure into motion. For example, to open and close a ball valve, the pneumatic actuator mechanically generates a rotary motion. In comparison with hydraulic and electric actuators, pneumatic actuators are the most common actuators in the valve market and can be found in many industrial applications.

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QC LOK - Quick Connector
The QC LOK Instrumentation Quick Connectors are designed for service in large variety of applications, with MAWP up to 3,000psig (206 bar).
  • Ham-Let gaugeable high quality Let-Lok® ends.
  • Valved (DESO) and Non-Valved (SESO) stems available.
  • Interchangeable and intermixable with major
    manufacturers’ Instrumentation Quick Connectors.
  • Fluorocarbon FKM O-Rings as standard, other O-rings are
    available per request.
  • Smooth and safe connection between the
    Quick Lok Connector valves is reached by a
    simple pushing operation due to a smart,
    heavy duty locking mechanism.
  • The QC-Lok Instrumentation Quick Connectors’
    validation tests are based on ANSI/B93.51M – 1980.

Dielectric Fittings
Dialectric fittings are designed to insulate subsystems from electrical current, voltages and static charges.

Positionable Connectors
Per SAE J1926 and MS 16142 and Positionables Per ISO Parallel Thread.

Nickel-Copper Alloy 400/R-405 connectors
Nickel Copper alloy 400 is a solid-solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working.
It has high strength and toughness over a wide temperature range and excellent resistance to many corrosive enviroments.
Alloy 400 is widely used in many fields, especially marine and chemical processing.

Alloy 400.pdf
Hose End Connector
End Connections.

Hi Tech Components new products


Série de atuadores pneumáticos

Engenheiros, designers e fabricantes que lidam com design em fluxo e engenharia de válvulas têm em sua maioria uma necessidade essencial de entender os aspectos e os processos de usar um produto em especial.
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